Nox Shou/蘇章良

                                                (pronouns: They/them/theirs) is a human with the climbing habits of a monkey and the perching tendencies of a crow. They are also a farmer, philosopher, aesthetician, artist, activist, and filmmaker, and self-styled polymath and psychopomp based in Philadelphia. They graduated from the University of the Arts Class of 2020, with a BFA and a focus in Sculpture. Through UArts, they spent a semester abroad at the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. 

At present, Nox is of a post-art mentality - an artist disenchanted and disillusioned with what art represents, embodies, and how it is institutionalized, commercialized, and Modernized. Instead, they will change the world and nurture the Earth and feed society through agriculture. They practice regenerative organic urban micro-farming, with the use of permaculture methods with the intention of teaching people to grow their own food and shake off the toxic dependence on supermarkets and industrially produced food.


  • Designer for Christian Flynn and Lucas Saur's musical and staged reading, A Bullet for Loverboy.

  • Designer for/Member of the Five Sands, a Philadelphia based film and video production collective. You can visit the Five Sands' on their website:

  • Member of PhillyCAM through the Five Sands

  • Member of Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists (PAPA)


Their work spans these fields:​

  • Sculpture

  • Theater and Film Design

    • Prop Design and Construction​

    • Set Design [Film]

    • Costuming

    • SFX Makeup

    • Production Design

    • Puppet Design and Construction

  • Photograph​y

  • Engineering

  • Martial Arts

  • Fire Dancing & Flow Arts

  • Dance

  • Painting

  • Installation

  • Performance Art

  • Jewelry 

  • Painting

  • Illustration & Drawing

Nox, self-portrait